Make your very own CoCoICHI curry by customizing the rice portion, spice level, and optional toppings!

Select a curry sauce

  • Kids' curry sauce is used for mild pork curry.
  • The beef sauce and CoCoICHI vegetarian curry sauce, cannot be ordered "mild".
  • Some stores do not provide hashed beef.

Select the quantity of rice

Amount of sauce depends on rice portion.

The standard rice portion is 300 grams.
You can add 100 grams more.

  • For pork curry, mild pork curry, and CoCoICHI vegetarian curry, add 110 yen per 100 grams to the base price.
  • An extra charge of 137 yen is added per 100 gram increment for beef curry and hashed beef.
  • The displayed prices include tax.

Select your spice level

Choose the spice level that suits you best!

Select your spice level from Mild to Level 10.

  • The beef sauce and CoCoICHI vegetarian sauce, cannot be ordered "mild".
  • The taste of spiciness differs from individuals.
  • The displayed prices include tax.

Select your level of mildness

Thick and mild sauce made of honey and fruits.

You can select sweetness levels from 1-5.

  • ”Thick and Mild Sauce" includes honey. Please be careful not to give it to infants aged under 12 months.
  • The perception of mildness differs from person to person.
  • Mild flavor can be added to all curry items except Kids' curry and the doria menus.
  • The displayed prices include tax.

Choose your topping

You can add any kinds of toppings to the curry you order. Try the combination!

  • Vegetable curry +
    Pork cutlet
  • Spinach curry + Hamburger
  • Cheese curry + Sausage
  • Scrambled egg curry + Cream croquette
    (with crab)

...and more!