President's message

Strengthening Our Management Foundations for a Path to Growth and
Evolving into a Company that Overflows with Appeal

- To Remain a Dining-Out Option of Choice

We are very grateful to all of our stakeholders including customers, shareholders and business partners.
Since March 1, 2019, I took over the position of President and Representative Director. I will do my utmost to develop the Ichibanya Group, so please continue your favors towards our group.

Throughout the many years since our foundation on January 17, 1978, ICHIBANYA has continue to expand our business with the support not only of our customers who have given us their patronage, but also of our many other stakeholders, including our shareholders and suppliers.
Over those years, we have always worked hard to deliver delicious curry and excitement to our customers, not only in Japan but throughout Asia and the world, under our company motto of “Briskly, Sharply, and with a Smile.” We will continue our efforts to popularize Japanese curry throughout the world and to share the enjoyment of our curry with more and more people.

In our 6th Medium-Term Management Policy (February 2018 to February 2021), we have taken up the theme of “strengthening our management foundations for a path to growth and evolving into a company that overflows with appeal.” We will concentrate our efforts on the following four areas: (1) elevating our appeal as a dining-out option and rebuilding our revenue foundations in Japan; (2) taking a dramatic leap forward in our overseas business as a driver of growth; (3) delivering a stable supply of safe, reliable products; and (4) promoting and establishing working style reform. We will continue to anticipate the changing needs of our customers and to embrace challenge of creating new demand, as we seek further growth domestically and overseas, in our aim to be remain a dining-out option of choice.
To achieve the business objective of the ICHIBANYA Group, namely “to share a feeling of happiness with all people related to the company,” the entire company will join together and continue to evolve every day. I would like to ask for your continued warm support.

Mamoru Kuzuhara
President and Representative Director